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Inverter Control Solutions

Panel Building

By using our bespoke panel building service you will not only be receiving one of the best panel builds around, you will be able to take advantage of our 20 year’s worth of knowledge on most industry sectors. Your panel will cover all of your facilities requirements, and more.

To name a few sectors we cover:

  • Waste management,
  • Water treatment,
  • HVAC. Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning,
  • Centrifuge control panels.
  • Amusement/Fairground attractions.   

All our panels are built with you the customer in mind. By utilizing the latest in HMI Touchscreen technology and PLC controls all our panels are easy to navigate around, and are completely user friendly.

Talk to our team today about our panel building service. Please visit our gallery to view some of our previous bespoke panels.


What will I get with my panel build?

Can my panel be assembled on-site?

  1. Full consultation with client.
  2. Site survey of equipment. (If required.)
  3. Documentation.
  4. Panel Built to BS EN 61439.
  5. Full in-House dynamic testing.
  6. Installation.
  7. Commission.
  8. Client training and handover.
  9. Spare parts package.

Yes. Your panel can be assembled and wired on-site.